Parent Advisory Committee


The Parent Advisory Committee is made up of parents representing the diverse population of Karval School District students. We represent you, as parents of children within the community. The PAC’s primary function is to review rules governing the programs in Colorado and suggest ideas for program implementation, services, and share our thoughts that may impact our school. We also act as a resource for parents needing information or help with understanding the education process and serve the families of Karval School District by promoting and informing the public about the benefits and value of education.

Do you have a question about the Karval School District or have suggestions concerning our school?

Responses can be made by:

Calling our office at (719) 446-5311

Attention Parents and Community Members
Are you a parent or community member willing and able to speak and share your life experiences in classrooms?   We would love your help and expertise for any grade K-12. Students respond well to community members and often they have more day-to-day knowledge about some subjects than the teachers do.  We are always striving to connect our classroom experiences to our students’ career interests.  If you are interested,  please send an email to or, or call the school and let us set up a time for you to share all your wonderful experiences.