KSD Curriculum

Karval School prides itself in having small class-size which allows the district to use a standard-based curriculum that individualizes each child’s education.  We use proven curriculum that helps students succeed in developing what they need to know and do to be equipped for the real world.


Karval has a strong early learning component in its district.  Our preschoolers attend school four days a week, and are given developmentally appropriate instruction. The preschoolers that come through our program are nurtured and prepared to enter our full-time Kindergarten.


Our elementary uses Saxon Math, the Into Reading program, and Science Fusion as its core curriculum. What is unique to our school is the teaching of character education that helps our students become responsible and respectful citizens. PE and music instruction are still part of our curriculum which we believe enhances our programming and leads to a well-rounded education.

Junior/Senior High:

The Karval secondary education program allows for face-to-face traditionally rigorous instruction, as well as giving students the opportunity to take courses in a digital online format where they work at their own pace in courses that allow them to pursue individual interests.  Like the elementary school, our secondary level class sizes are small which allows for plenty of assistance and individualization.  Karval has basic and advanced coursework that meets the graduation requirements for all students.  Lastly, we have electives such as agriculture, PE, and band offerings just like larger schools.

Concurrent Enrollment:

High school students who qualify, are able to take college coursework while attending Karval School District.  This is especially enticing for students who are pursuing a certain career track.

Agriculture Education:

Karval School is known for its agriculture education program that feeds into an amazing FFA program. Our Ag-Ed facilities are second to none. This aspect of our total curriculum offering provides a direct linkage to our farm and ranching community.

Gifted and Talented:

Karval Public School recognizes that the student population includes students with exceptional academic abilities. These students have a need for educational services that are consistent with their ability levels and learning characteristics.  These students shall be provided appropriately challenging curricula and instruction that are congruent with their learning abilities and styles through the shared responsibility of teachers, gifted and talented specialists, administrators, counselors, parents and learners themselves.

Twice Exceptional:

Our small class sizes allow us to really focus our approach for twice exceptional students. Twice-exceptional students are those who are identified as gifted according to state criteria in one or more of the categories of giftedness (cognitive, academic, creative, leadership, or arts) and are identified with a disability according to federal/state criteria – and the disability qualifies them for either an IEP or a 504 plan.  Our district is known for being a place that students find their best place to learn and succeed regardless of their circumstances.

If you have a questions about our curriculum, please contact Sarah Nuss at [email protected].
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